My Name is MD Sadiq Choudhary. I live in paradise of earth, which is also known as haven on the earth. I work as an executive manager at Indian Oil Corporation, but my blog represents my personal views of life. I am a proud father of beautiful children. I am a devoted husband. I have a firm belief in Islam, and I live my life based on the Quran’s teaching. Due to the actions of some radicalized people, the people are getting islamophobia. In this blog, I will try to represent the real version of Islam and the Quran’s teaching.
Writing about my religion is not disrespecting any other community or any other religion. I have tremendous respect for all other faiths or any other religions.
I am hoping to learn about everyone’s faith, culture, beliefs, and religion.
I am new to the blog, so please provide me an input to improve my writing.
Thank you