Do angels or devils have a religion?

Early this morning, I was brushing my teeth when suddenly a question popped into my brain. At 4 am, people might be praying, but my mind got busy finding my answers. I don’t know if sometimes the questions come to mind from nowhere. Maulana Ji said many times, “Munna, you always ask some tough questions.” […]

Do angels or devils have a religion?

Your thought is an excellent and eye opener for each human being. Allah has mentioned in Glorious Quran more than 106 times regarding Angels and they are truely followers of Allah and having religion, religion of Islam. Devil’s are devil’s and they do not follow any religion their religion is to distract human beings from right path, the path of Allah. Regarding taking of souls only angels take the souls devil’s is not having any role on that. You have strated the thought on the right note but ended badly by mentioning some banny etc as your angels, you are grossly wrong. If you happened to read Glorious Quran you will find all answers, pl look for one and read.

I salute to your idea of devil’s and angels.

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